Category: 1920s

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  CD-SDL 334
Cylinder Jazz

Another album in our Jazz series of transcriptions from early recordings, this time from phonograph cylinders. Hot ragtime and jazz from 1913-1926 with fourteen tracks including Hungarian Rag, Clarinet Squawk, Dardanella, Meadow Lark, Where's My Sweetie Hiding? Ain't She Sweet?
  CD-SDL 336
I'll Dance Till de Sun Breaks Through

A further re-release in our Jazz series and features ragtime, cakewalks & stomps from the original recordings 1898-1923. Twenty tracks including That Moaning Saxophone Rag, Alabama Skedaddle, Eli Green's Cake Walk, Trombone Sneeze, Wild Cherries Rag.
  CD-SDL 344
The Roaring Twenties

Top bands and singers of the 1920s from the original recordings plus pianola rolls.
  CD-SDL 355
Kitten On the Keys

An excursion into the nostalgic world of the front room pianola. Pianola Rolls of favourite dance tunes and songs of the 1920s from the original rolls of the day.
  CD-SDL 370
Whistle Away Your Blues

Popular dance bands and singers of the 1920s from the original recordings
  CD-SDL 433
Rag Pickings
Fred Van Eps, Olly Oakley etc.

Recordings of banjo solos were tremendously popular both sides of the Atlantic prior to 1900 up to the 1930s. The sophisticated picking style had developed from the earlier strumming ('stroke') style associated with the blackface minstrels who performed in minstrel shows from the mid 19th century. Both the minstrels and their more sophisticated successors were whites and the earlier playing method grew out of the style believed to be close to that of the black slaves. The picking style requires the player to pick the strings with thumb and first two fingers of the right hand and great virtuosity was obtained by a number of players whose recordings proved very popular amongst white middle-class society in both USA and Britain. We feature three of these banjo greats here - two American and one English - with a couple of outstanding tracks by others.