SAYDISC and AMON RA have been at the forefront of recording for posterity a host of unusual, historic and traditional musics, speech and sounds since 1965 and have built up a worldwide reputation for innovation, dedication and quality. 

Discs cost £10.95 each and can be ordered through our distributor's website, www.wyastone.co.uk.  All prices are in Pounds Sterling (UK currency). If you are purchasing from outside the UK using a credit card, the exchange rate used to convert to your local currency is set by your credit card provider.

The music categories included in our SAYDISC range include National, Traditional and Regional music and songs, music, songs and dances from other traditions, music featuring unusual instruments and World Music.

Our AMON RA label is devoted to early music performances of music of the Mediaeval, Renaissance, Elizabethan, Tudor, Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods and largely based on the Historic Pianos of the Finchcocks Musical Museum at Goudhurst in Kent.

We also have a very important series of Education Packs devised especially to meet the needs of the UK Curriculum. Please use the contact page to request more information.