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CD-SDL 243 CD-SDL 243
Change Ringing From St Mary Redcliffe Bristol

"The goodliest, fairest and most famous parish church in England", so said Queen Elizabeth I on her visit to Bristol and the bells of this beautiful church are equally famous. The essentially English art of change ringing is here demonstrated to the highest quality of ringing.
CD-SDL 290 CD-SDL 290
Bells of the Cotswolds

A ringing tour of some of the most beautiful Cotswold churches + historic recordings of Bristol bells.
CD-SDL 302 CD-SDL 302
Church Bells of Kent

English change ringing from the finest peals of bells that Kent can offer.
CD-SDL 378 CD-SDL 378
Church Bells of England

For lovers of church bells, traditional change ringing from some of England's most famous peals.
CD-SDL 448
The Beauty of Bells
Church Bells, Handbells, Carillons from England & Scotland