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Frederick Delius, Sonatas for violin and piano, Legende
David Stone, violin, Allan Schiller, piano

Accorded "Record Of the Month" by Hi-Fi News on its original release in 1974 and the performance is just as relevant and the sound just as brilliant today.
English Music of the 18th Century
London Baroque - on original instruments

John Playford's Popular Tunes
The Broadside Band

The Broadside Band play popular tunes and dances from John Playford's famous 17th century publications with recorders, regal, baroque violin, viols, hurdy-gurdy, lute, mandore and cittern.
In Nomine

Fretwork consort of viols are a world authority on the performance of 16th century English viol music. This album includes the complete music for viol consort by Thomas Tallis. The beauty and richness of viols played with perfect tuning and brilliant musicianship is a rare treat.
Thomas Arne Instrumental Works
Le Nouveau Quatuor - on original instruments

Nominated for Gramophone Award 1990
A Golden Treasury of Elizabethan Music

Features the typical instruments, composers and styles that were current in Elizabethan England. Dances (both courtly and rustic), songs, anthems, viol consorts, recorder consorts, lute solos and music for virginals, shawms, cornetts, curtals, etc.
A Golden Treasury of Mediaeval Music

The Canadian ensemble for mediæval music Sine Nomine present an overview of music from six centuries and eleven countries throughout Europe. This daunting task has revealed some treasures indeed! The music ranges vocally from pious Gregorian chant to troubadour love songs and instrumentally with dances from the courtly Italian saltarello to a wild English estampie.
A Golden Treasury of Georgian Music
London Baroque, The Broadside Band, The City Waites

The musical life of Georgian England had three distinct strands running through it - the classical repertoire as performed in the concert hall and fine houses-the lighter, but polite, songs and instrumental music of the pleasure gardens and stage-and the bawdy ballads of tavern and street. This album juxtaposes the three types of music and provides an entertaining picture of the music of urban Georgian life. London Baroque play the music of the concert hall, The Broadside Band perform the songs of the pleasure gardens, and The City Waites give us the low songs.
A Golden Treasury of Baroque Music

An incredible array of wind, keyboard, brass & string instruments from mediaeval, renaissance & baroque times: pipe & tabor, shawms, rauschpfeifen, bombarde, crumhorns, recorders, renaissance flutes, chalumeau, early trumpets, clarinets, oboe & bassoon, dulzian, smallpipes, racket, virginal, spinet, clavichord, harpsichord, regal, cornett, busine, sackbut, serpent, hurdy-gurdy, vielle, rebec, viols, lute,vihuela, renaissance guitar, cittern, gittern, chitaronne, theorbo, arch cittern, mediaeval harp, gothic harp and double harp
A Golden Treasury of Baroque Music

A compilation of choice moments from our various authentic performance baroque recordings. An ideal sampler of the wide variety of music from this period.
CD-SAR 72 CD-SAR 72 
La Virtuosissima Cantatrice

Virtuoso and Bel Canto Masterpieces for Female Voice
CD-SDL 115 CD-SDL 115
The One Eyed Fiddler
Ben Van Weede, fiddle, viola, whistles, Paul Wilson, voice, fiddle, Appalachian dulcimer, banjo, guitar, accordion

Paul Wilson and Ben van Weede perform folk songs and music of Southern England. Including items from the Hammond and Gardiner collection and the tune-books of Thomas Hardy Folk songs and music of Southern England Including items from the Hammond and Gardiner collection and the tune-books of Thomas Hardy.
CD-SDL 220 CD-SDL 220
Great Western In Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire was well placed on the Great Western Railway map, being interlaced with branch and main lines. These recordings are of the last days of mainline steam operation and include recordings on the old Severn and Wye section in the Forest of Dean, The Chalford railcar and many other atmospheric and historic recordings.
CD-SDL 234 CD-SDL 234
Parry's Barrel Organ

The music of "John Longman's New Invented Patent Barrel Organ" with bells, drum and triangle built around 1810 and which accompanied Sir William Edward Parry on his Arctic expeditions in the early 19th Century. Not only did it entertain the sailors but intrigued eskimos en route.
CD-SDL 243 CD-SDL 243
Change Ringing From St Mary Redcliffe Bristol

"The goodliest, fairest and most famous parish church in England", so said Queen Elizabeth I on her visit to Bristol and the bells of this beautiful church are equally famous. The essentially English art of change ringing is here demonstrated to the highest quality of ringing.
CD-SDL 247 CD-SDL 247
Cotswold Craftsmen

Recollections of traditional country crafts by some of the last exponents. An important social document of the trades and crafts that once formed a central role in rural life.
CD-SDL 255 CD-SDL 255
Isambard Kingdom Brunel
with Old Pete and John Christie

Bristolese humour and dialect from BBC Radio Bristol veteran Pete Lawrence with some of his stories set to music and sung by John Christie
CD-SDL 262 CD-SDL 262
Spectrum - The Rise to Fame of the Stanshawe (Bristol) Band
The Stanshawe (Bristol) Band conducted by Walter Hargreaves

This album created quite a stir in the brass band world when it was released in 1975 and it remains spine-chilling to this day.
CD-SDL 266 CD-SDL 266
Staverton Bridge
Sam Richards - voice, whistle, field organ, percussion, Tish Stubbs - voice, field organ, percussion, Paul Wilson - voice, guitar, lute, banjo, percussion

This 1970s folk album borrows from many influences - medieval vocal harmonies, travellers song-style and the use of drums for song accompaniment. Three singers combine to produce an album at once innovative and political. Thirty years on and this album is just as relevant today.
CD-SDL 267 CD-SDL 267
Cotswold Voices

This album features the dialect of the Gloucestershire Cotswolds with recollections, poetry and humour connected with days long past. The real stars are George and Dorcas Juggins who were 'famous' in the Stroud valleys and remembered by many people for their unique slant on life.
CD-SDL 268 CD-SDL 268
Cotswold Ballads

The popular Cotswold poetry of Frank Mansell read by him with some set to music and sung by Peter Tatham and Celia Carroll
CD-SDL 280 CD-SDL 280
Invitation To North America

The New World Seen Through English Folk Song sung by Tish Stubbs and Sam Richards accompanying themselves on whistle, guitar, drum, accordion, mouthorgan, Anglo-concertina, spoons, Appalachian dulcimer and an original portable harmonium
CD-SDL 284 CD-SDL 284
Steam and Harness

Recollections of past methods of power and transport on the Cotswolds
CD-SDL 285 CD-SDL 285
Memories Of Osborne

Miss Dorothy Blake was born in Barton Manor on the Osborne estate on the Isle of Wight in November 1886. Her father had recently been appointed agent to the estate and, in this capacity, was responsible for arranging Queen Victoria's daily tours of the grounds when she was in residence. These recordings were made in 1965 when Miss Blake was nearly 80 and tell of the ageing Queen's life at Osborne. Regular Royal visitors at this time were the Duke and Duchess of Connaught and their children, Prince Henry of Battenburg and his wife Princess Beatrice (who was Queen Victoria's youngest daughter) with their children Prince Alexander - who was born within a fortnight of Miss Blake - Princess Ena (Victoria Eugenie 1887 - 1969), Prince Leopold and baby Prince Morris. The interview is full of domestic detail and an insight into the life of the Victorian royal family from a perspective not recorded in the history books.
CD-SDL 288 CD-SDL 288
Blue Note Jazz Band

A memorial album to Roger Bennett, the late great soprano saxophone player who lead the Blue Notes for several decades. Brian Rust reviewing the 1978 album for Jazz Journal on its original release said "Nothing quite like this in the history of jazz"
CD-SDL 288 CD-SDL 294
Parlour Poetry read by Kenneth Williams

Comic, Patriotic and Improving Verse from the Victorian Age
CD-SDL 300 CD-SDL 300
While I Work I Whistle

Songs and Humour of the Cotswolds including Granny's Old Armchair, When I Took My Nance To Church, Johnny Ochre, Farmer Giles, To Be A Farmer's Boy, While I Work I Whistle, When Jones Ale Was New and plenty of old rural jokes and amusing anecdotes.
CD-SDL 301 CD-SDL 301
Down To Earth

Mrs. Elliot was the eldest girl of a family of sixteen. Her vivid descriptions of the life of a poor rural family in the late 19th century are both fascinating and revealing. This kind of reminiscence rarely makes it into the history books and the descriptions are made all the more poignant by Mrs Elliot's gentle delivery.
CD-SDL 302 CD-SDL 302
Church Bells of Kent

English change ringing from the finest peals of bells that Kent can offer.
CD-SDL 304 CD-SDL 304
Gloucestershire Wildlife Tapestry

A web of day and night natural sounds through the seasons, from woodland, meadow and wetland. Recorded by Ray Goodwin
CD-SDL 310 CD-SDL 310
Change Ringing On Handbells

The Change Ringing Handbell Group consist of an elite team of change ringers who have devoted their expertise to perfecting and extending the boundaries of English change ringing to include changes on up to 20 bells
CD-SDL 316 CD-SDL 316
Forest Talk

A memorable evening of music, memories and laughter from the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire with Winifred Foley, Harry Beddington, Keith Morgan and Dick Brice
CD-SDL 322 CD-SDL 322
Geoffrey Woodruff Entertains

Geoffrey Woodruff is an expert on the Bristol dialect and his exposition on this subject made him a household name in the City and beyond. His two original 7" records are now combined and heard on CD for the first time.
CD-SDL 328 CD-SDL 328
Conductors Showcase
Sun Life Stanshawe Band

The Sun Life Stanshawe Band have been major prizewinners and a leading force in the British brass band movement. Various distinguished conductors have led them to victory and this album features most of them.
CD-SDL 330 CD-SDL 330
Music From Prinknash Abbey

Prinknash Abbey is set in the Cotswold hills near Gloucester and the monks sing contemplative traditional Latin Plainsong and uplifting modern English Chant.
CD-SDL 335 CD-SDL 335
Music For the Hammered Dulcimer

Virtuoso hammered dulcimer playing from Jim Couza with celtic harp, fiddle, melodeon.
CD-SDL 338 CD-SDL 338
Children's Singing Games

A wealth of skipping, ball-bouncing, dipping, line and ring games from England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales recorded by Fr Damian Webb in the 1960s whilst the traditions continued in play-ground and street. Dozens of intriguing examples.
CD-SDL 340 CD-SDL 340
Music Of The Streets

Three centuries of mechanical street music from a wealth of "barrel organs" (street pianos), organettes & other popular street instruments of yesteryear.
CD-SDL 343
On Kielder Side
Northumbrian small pipes and fiddle

Kathryn Tickell plays the Northumbrian small-pipes (the traditional northern English bagpipe) and fiddle. Jigs, reels and airs from one of the finest small-pipe players in the country.
CD-SDL 345 CD-SDL 345
The Perfect Triangle
Richard Butler, Northumbrian small pipes

CD-SDL 348 CD-SDL 348
The Lilting Banshee
Eileen Monger, Celtic Harp, Mike Billinge, Bodhran, Jenny McLeod, Uilleann Pipes, Whistles, George Monger, Hammer Dulcimer

A captivating selection of traditional airs and dances for Celtic Harp with Bodhran, Uilleann Pipes, Whistles and Hammer Dulcimer.
CD-SDL 351 CD-SDL 351
Portrait Of A Concertina
Dave Townsend, English Concertina, Nick Hooper, Guitar

The concertina is a very versatile instrument and virtuoso English concertina player Dave Townsend is joined on a number of tracks by Spanish guitarist Nick Hooper in a selection from Bach to 'standards' as well as a good measure of folk tunes that would be the concertina's usual fare.
CD-SDL 352 CD-SDL 352
Geoffrey Bush - A Christmas Cantata
Cardiff Polyphonic Choir and Orchestra

The highly regarded Cardiff Polyphonic Choir and Orchestra perform the first commercial recording of Geoffrey Bush's beautiful work "A Christmas Cantata". This popular work features well-known carols in a setting for choir with string orchestra and oboe obbligato. Additional Christmas music concludes the album.
CD-SDL 354 CD-SDL 354
Mechanical Opera

Opera favourites played on rare and historic musical boxes
CD-SDL 356 CD-SDL 356
Music From St. Clement Danes
The St. Clement Danes Chorale, Martindale Sidwell, organ, John Wilbraham, trumpet

The beautiful church of St. Clement Danes in the Strand is the central church of The Royal Air Force. They have a long tradition of high quality music making as demonstrated by this album of choral music.
CD-SDL 358 CD-SDL 358
Keep The Home Fires Burning

The songs and music of the First World War from the original 78 rpm recordings and street pianos ('barrel organs') of the day.
CD-SDL 360 CD-SDL 360
Under The Greenwood Tree
The Mellstock Band and Choir

The Mellstock Band and Choir perform the dance music and carols associated with Thomas Hardy , his family and his novels from Hardy family and Puddletown manuscripts. A rare chance to hear the serpent and the high C clarinet both so typical and evocative of 19th C English village 'quires' and now totally obsolete except in recreations such as these.
CD-SDL 361 CD-SDL 361
Fill Your Glasses
The Canterbury Clerkes with The London Serpent Trio

Convivial English Glees from the Singing Club tradition of the 18th and 19th centuries from The Canterbury Clerkes with The London Serpent Trio.
CD-SDL 364 CD-SDL 364
Music From The Time Of Richard III
The York Waits

The York Waits recreate the sound of the more public, outdoor music of mediaeval times with their ensemble of ancient cornett, shawms, crumhorns, hurdy-gurdy, sackbut, bagpipes, recorders, lute, slide trumpet and harp. Spirited instrumental performances of the popular music of mediaeval England, the Low Countries, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
CD-SDL 371 CD-SDL 371
Christmas Now Is Drawing Near
Sneak's Noyse / The City Waits

30 of the most beautiful traditional English folk carols performed in an authentic rural style with original instrument accompaniment.
CD-SDL 372 CD-SDL 372
Farewell To Lough Neaghe
Bonnie Shaljean, harp and clarsachs

Traditional harp music of Britain & Ireland from Bonnie Shaljean
CD-SDL 373 CD-SDL 373
Music From The Time Of The Spanish Armada
The York Waits

The York Waits present a celebration of Elizabethan popular music including pieces associated with the Armada.
CD-SDL 374 CD-SDL 374
Music Of The Hurdy-Gurdy
Nigel Eaton, hurdy-gurdy

Britain's top player, Nigel Eaton, with harpsichord, bagpipes, etc. Classical, traditional and modern pieces for this fascinating instrument.
CD-SDL 378
Church Bells of England

For lovers of church bells, traditional change ringing from some of England's most famous peals.
CD-SDL 380
The Golden Years Of Music Hall

Favourite songs sung by the original artists.
CD-SDL 381 CD-SDL 381
The Lighter Side of Fine Arts Brass Ensemble
Bryan Allen, trumpet, Richard Sandland, tuba, Andy Culshaw, trumpet, Stephen Roberts, horn, Simon Hogg, trombone

Fine Arts Brass Ensemble are one of Britain's leading brass groups who have broadcast and performed all over the world. This album features the lighter side of their repertoire and, as such, is highly entertaining and approachable.
CD-SDL 382 CD-SDL 382
Pills To Purge Melancholy
Lucie Skeaping, Richard Wistreich, The City Waits

Lewd songs & low ballads of the English baroque era. Rollicking bawdy humour from Thomas D'Urfey's famous publication 'Pills To Purge Melancholy'. Accompanied by original instruments of the day.
CD-SDL 383 CD-SDL 383
Sing Lustily & With Good Courage
Maddy Prior with The Carnival Band

Maddy Prior and The Carnival Band, breathe new life into favourite hymns in the 19th Century West Gallery tradition. This is one of our most popular recordings.
CD-SDL 385 CD-SDL 385
The Musical Life Of Samuel Pepys

A real slice of history in which Richard Wistreich reads extracts from the Diary relating to Pepys' musical experiences and sings some of Pepys' favourite songs including: Arise, arise, ye subterranean winds, Lucifero, Beauty retire, Cloris Yielding, Hero's Complaint, Inconstancy return'd, Down to the very centre of the earth.
CD-SDL 393 CD-SDL 393
English Country Dances
The Broadside Band

The Broadside Band recreate the excitement and colour of the country dance of yesteryear with spirited performances of these quintessentially English tunes gleaned from the 17th century publications of John Playford. Suitable for listening or dancing Playford style.
CD-SDL 394 CD-SDL 394
Windsongs, The Sound of Aeolian Harps

Aeolian harps are played entirely by the action of the wind. These fascinating instruments were much loved in past centuries and Roger Winfield has now revived them and explores the various ethereal sounds that the wind produces. The result is an ever changing pattern of strange and beautiful music providing a unique listening experience
CD-SDL 398 CD-SDL 398
Old Christmas Return'd
The York Waits with Richard Wistreich (bass)

The music and song of Christmas past from renowned early music bass singer, Richard Wistreich with the ancient shawms, sackbuts, cornetts, hurdy-gurdies, recorders and bagpipes of The York Waits.
CD-SDL 400 CD-SDL 400
English National Songs
The Broadside Band, with John Potter and Lucie Skeaping

The Broadside Band with John Potter & Lucie Skeaping. 21 songs encapsulating the most typical and popular songs from the late renaissance of Greensleeves to the Victorian nostalgia of Home sweet home.
CD-SDL 402
Traditional Songs of England

The English tradition abounds in beautiful melodies and on this album some of the most delightful are sung by one of England's finest female exponents with a range of interesting accompaniments
CD-SDL 405 CD-SDL 405
Sea Songs & Shanties

From the last days of sail with Bob Roberts-last of the sailing barge skippers, Cadgwith Cornish Fishermen's Group, Harry Cox, Ron & Bob Copper and other singers and seafaring folk. 26 songs with full texts. Historic recordings made between 1950-60 by Peter Kennedy.
CD-SDL 407
Songs of the Travelling People

Romany songs, step-dancing, camp-fire, bothy singers , mouth music and a wealth of songs from the gypsy traditions of England, Ireland & Scotland - full texts and glossary.
CD-SDL 408 CD-SDL 408
Victorian Musical Boxes

Musical boxes, musical Victorian toys & snuff boxes play dozens of charming Victorian favourites.
CD-SDL 409
Songs & Dances from Shakespeare
Deborah Roberts, soprano, John Potter, tenor

Well-known early music singers Deborah Roberts (soprano) & John Potter (tenor) sing the original or earliest known versions of the songs associated with Shakespeare's plays. The Broadside Band accompany them on instruments of the period and play some of the dances of the plays. Fascinating listening as well as an ideal historical source for stage productions.
CD-SDL 410 CD-SDL 410
Songs of Thomas Hardy's Wessex
The Mellstock Band and Singers

What were the songs so often mentioned in Hardy's novels? The Mellstock Band and Singers reveal all with these evocative songs.
CD-SDL 413 CD-SDL 413
Cockney Kings of Music Hall

The major stars of the London Music Hall stage from 1899 to 1931 from the original recordings.
CD-SDL 416 CD-SDL 416
Bagpipes of Britain & Ireland

Classic recordings made by folklorist Peter Kennedy in the 1950s/early 60s of legendary players of the three types of British and Irish pipes with an unbroken tradition.
CD-SDL 417 CD-SDL 417
A Celtic Christmas

Song and dance, both exuberant and reflective, to celebrate Christmas from the Celtic traditions of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man, Britanny and Cornwall with the typical harps, bagpipes and other instruments of each area. Most of the songs are in the original gaelic tongues (with translations in the notes). The singers include Colin MacAllister (Ireland), Arthur Cormack (Scotland), Emma Christian (Isle of Man), Julie Murphy (Wales) and Dave Townsend.
CD-SDL 419 CD-SDL 419
Old English Nursery Rhymes
The Broadside Band

A real delight to young and old. Vivien Ellis and Tim Laycock sing 52 favourites in traditional style with The Broadside Band.
CD-SDL 425 CD-SDL 425
English Customs and Traditions
Many of these customs go back to the dawn of time and their meaning is often mysterious but somehow are as relevant today and attract a great deal of interest
CD-SDL 428 CD-SDL 428
Voices of the Wind
Roger Winfield, Aeolian Harps

There is a power, a love, and joy, a God; Which makes in mortal hearts its brief abode,; A Pythian exhaltation, which inspires; Love, only love - a wind which o'er the wires; Of the soul's giant harp; There is a mood which language faints beneath.; ; So said Shelley of the ethereal music created by these wind harps which, with the assistance of Roger Winfield, are shaped into strange and wonderful sounds - all based on the natural effect of the wind.
CD-SDL 429 CD-SDL 429
Carillon Bells of Britain
England is world famous for its tower bell change ringing and handbell tune ringing traditions, but the art of carillon music properly belongs to the Low Countries. Britain only has a handfull of true carillons and this album features five of them plus some chimes from historic domestic clocks and the famous "Oranges & Lemons" from St. Clements in London. A wide spectrum of music is played from the carillons of Loughborough, Bournville, Aberdeen, Perth and Kilmarnock to demonstrate this fascinating but little heard tradition.
CD-SDL 430 CD-SDL 430
The Celtic Harp
Robin Huw Bowen, Bonnie Shaljean, Eileen Monger

Ancient airs and dances from the Celtic traditions of Scotland, Ireland and Wales played on Welsh triple harp, clarsach (Celtic harp), and pedal harp in solos and ensembles.
CD-SDL 434 CD-SDL 434
Gloucestershire Characters
Recollections from the Forest of Dean, Severn Vale and high Cotswold
CD-SDL 435 CD-SDL 435
George Swinford of Filkins
George Swinford was about 75 years of age when recorded in 1962. His family had lived in Filkins for several generations and, like his father, he worked as a mason. His recollections are interesting not only as a social history document of rural life but also due to his unusual associations with famous men of the day. In 1925 he went to work as estate manager for Sir Stafford Krips whom he came to know well and through him frequently met and talked with prime movers in the early Labour Party.; ; Pandit Nehru also visited him at his house when staying in the Krips household. George Swinford was always intrigued by old artifacts dug up whilst doing building work and this culminated in Sir Stafford, who always took a close interest in his finds, buying a property for George Swinford to set up as a folk museum.
CD-SDL 389 CD-SDL 436
Pleasures and Treasures
The Music Includes world music, traditional British music, early classical music on original instruments, novelty numbers, jazz, music hall, musical boxes, guitar quartets, saxophone quartet, brass group, viol consorts, choral music and chant, handbells and church bells, poetry and readings - from mediaeval times to the present day. This double album forms part of Saydisc’s 50th Anniversary celebration releases and is drawn from recordings made over the years from mono open reel recording to high quality stereo digital.
CD-SDL 389 CD-SDL 437 
Christmas Music Through The Ages
A celebration of festive music with 50 pieces from the 6th to 20th centuries. Choirs, folk ensembles and soloists, handbell choir, brass band, viol consort, monks and nuns, musical boxes, street pianos, bagpipes, renaissance instruments, early music performers. This double set forms part of Saydisc’s 50th Anniversary celebration releases. It is the ultimate Christmas compilation spanning so many centuries and styles and will surely become a classic Saydisc release year on year.
CD-SDL 438 CD-SDL 438
Percussion Around The World
Over 150 minutes of exuberant and exciting percussion music from Africa, India, Japan, Morocco, Middle East, South America, Mexico, Caribbean, Britain, Ireland, Spain, France, China, Polynesia, Melanesia, Micronesia, Indonesia. Saydisc has been at the forefront of recording for posterity a host of unusual, historic and traditional musics, speech and sounds since 1965 and have built up a worldwide reputation for innovation, dedication and quality. The music categories included in our saydisc range include national, traditional and regional music and songs, music, songs and dances from other traditions, music featuring unusual instruments and world music.
SDL 439 CD-SDL 439
For Love Is Lord Of All
As part of Saydisc’s 50th Anniversary celebration releases Gef Lucena sings songs of true love, false love, supernatural love, deceitful love and vengeful love from British and other traditions. Gef is the founder of Saydisc and has been a performer of traditional music since the early 1960s. However, amazingly this is his first solo album and he accompanies himself on bouzouki, mandolin, autoharp, recorder and flageolet. In addition to traditional British songs Gef showcases three of his own settings of poetry by Edward Thomas and A.E. Houseman and has adapted a couple of well-known Schubert songs. Songs in Italian, Ladino and Hebrew are also included as well as settings by Butterworth and Finzi.
CD-SDL 441 CD-SDL 441
South Moon Riding [Book & CD]
In addition to full printed texts and many beautiful photos, Gef Lucena reads his own poems on the included CD. These 32 poems on various subjects have been highly praised by other poets, musicians, artists, historians and, in particular, wildlife experts. ‘Inspirational’, ‘very accessible and evocative’, ‘delightful and beautifully produced’, ‘I am absolutely bowled over, it is such a delightful compilation’, ‘I `felt` every line, it is inspirational, the colours… well, everything that is written, beautiful. I cannot say more, It means so much inwardly’, ‘I've already been recommending it to friends’. These are just some of the comments received on pre-publication copies sold.
CD-SDL 444
CD-SDL 444
The Funny Side of Saydisc
This anthology of wit and humour has been drawn from Saydisc's vast archives going back over 50 years. Here is nearly 80 minutes of a wide variety of humour from our catalogue created since 1965 and exploring material from Victorian times to the present day. We hope it provides amusement and even inspiration. It is a window into our vast array of musical and non-musical recordings from all corners of the world.
CD-SDL 445
Victoriana - Music, Verse & Recollections from the Time of Queen Victoria
Music, Verse and recollections from the time of Queen Victoria from Kenneth Williams, Miss Dorothy Blake's personal account of life with the Queen at Osborne House, The Broadside Band, Richard Burnett and many more with a detailed 32 page booklet with numerous quotations from Queen Victoria's journals, Mendelssohn letter and other historical background information.
CD-SDL 446
Harps, Dulcimers & Hurdy Gurdies
Harps, Dulcimers & Hurdy Gurdies from Great Britain, Ireland, North America, China, Middle East, France, Italy and the Low Countries
CD-SDL 448
The Beauty of Bells
Church Bells, Handbells, Carillons from England & Scotland
CD-SDL 449
Traditional Dance Music of Britain & Ireland
This is a collection of exceedingly diverse recordings all, as the title says, of tunes for dancing, and all from the Saydisc archives. There is a total of 51 tracks on the two CDs that comprise the collection which is drawn from the playing of some 15 musicians and bands. There are notes on each of the performers. Hardly any tracks are of a length to actually dance to – but that is not the point!
CD-SDL 450
Traditional Songs of Britain & Ireland
Traditional Songs of Britain and Ireland brings beautiful and lyrical songs moulded to the poetic nature of the Welsh language, wonderful Irish song with such classic performers as the McPeake family and a rare chance to hear the great lady of traditional Scots song Ray Fisher accompanied by some of the top names of British folk music.
VTS 202 VTS 202
The Sun Also Rises
Graham and Anne Hemingway

Reissue of a lovely sought-after 1970 British acid folk rarity from The Village Thing label master tapes of SAR's only album. The Sun Also Rises were a mystical, magical, hippie folk duo, Graham and Anne Hemingway from Cardiff, playing guitars, dulcimer, glockenspiel, vibes, bells, kazoo, percussion, and other instruments, joined throughout by label-mate John Turner on string bass. VERY much in the creative style and delivery of the Incredible String Band, with many similarities to Dr. Strangely Strange, COB, Comus, Forest and Tir Na Nog. Songs of wizards, dragons, death, love, dreams and suicide. Tripped-out, spellbinding, esoteric folk collages.
VTS 205 VTS 205
An Acoustic Confusion
Steve Tilston

Here is the reissue of the 1971 debut album by the very fine British acoustic guitarist and songwriter Steve Tilston. The album includes solo guitar and vocal tracks, as well as group performances with The Village Thing labelmates Dave Evans and others. One can hear in this unique and original early work - much more clearly than in his later recordings - the echoes of Steve Tilston's mentors and contemporaries Bert Jansch,Wizz Jones, Nick Drake, Davey Graham, Donovan and many others. This release of "An Acoustic Confusion" is intended to bring this long lost album from undeserved obscurity to be appropriately recognized as an important piece of Britain's folk tapestry.
VTS 207 VTS 207
The Complete 'Folker' and 'Frollicks' Albums + 5 bonus tracks
Fred Wedlock

Fred Wedlock has been and still is well-known in Bristol and the West Country for his humorous folk based performances. This double CD brings together the 2 seminal Village Thing albums from the early '70s + 5 bonus tracks from early Saydisc recordings. Double CD - Single CD price
VTS 211 VTS 211
Magic Landscape
Hunt and Turner

Ian Hunt and John Turner first teamed-up in the late summer of 1970, the inevitable collaboration of two of the West Country's most sought-after session musicians. String bassist and guitarist Turner had just left the infamous Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra and Hunt, a wizard guitarist and song-writer who was already a ‘big-name' on the Bristol scene, was looking for a new vehicle for his talents.; Both had been spawned by the legendary Bristol Troubadour Club, which Turner had run for several years, and within months the new duo was pickingup fans and followers around the UK and in Europe. Touring the folk-clubs and Universities of Britain with a heady mixture of rag-time, self-penned lovesongs and good-time, 70s acoustic ballads, Hunt and Turner became one of the most popular duos of their era … and this Village Thing album, Magic Landscape, originally released in 1972, went straight to Number six in the Melody Maker folk charts.