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CD-SDL 220 CD-SDL 220
Great Western In Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire was well placed on the Great Western Railway map, being interlaced with branch and main lines. These recordings are of the last days of mainline steam operation and include recordings on the old Severn and Wye section in the Forest of Dean, The Chalford railcar and many other atmospheric and historic recordings.
CD-SDL 222 CD-SDL 222
Cotswold Characters

Stories and reminiscences of country life in the Cotswold Hills in the Early 20th Century.
CD-SDL 247 CD-SDL 247
Cotswold Craftsmen

Recollections of traditional country crafts by some of the last exponents. An important social document of the trades and crafts that once formed a central role in rural life.
CD-SDL 267
Cotswold Voices

This album features the dialect of the Gloucestershire Cotswolds with recollections, poetry and humour connected with days long past. The real stars are George and Dorcas Juggins who were 'famous' in the Stroud valleys and remembered by many people for their unique slant on life.
CD-SDL 268 CD-SDL 268
Cotswold Ballads

The popular Cotswold poetry of Frank Mansell read by him with some set to music and sung by Peter Tatham and Celia Carroll
CD-SDL 284
Steam and Harness

Recollections of past methods of power and transport on the Cotswolds
CD-SDL 285
Memories Of Osborne

Miss Dorothy Blake was born in Barton Manor on the Osborne estate on the Isle of Wight in November 1886. Her father had recently been appointed agent to the estate and, in this capacity, was responsible for arranging Queen Victoria's daily tours of the grounds when she was in residence. These recordings were made in 1965 when Miss Blake was nearly 80 and tell of the ageing Queen's life at Osborne. Regular Royal visitors at this time were the Duke and Duchess of Connaught and their children, Prince Henry of Battenburg and his wife Princess Beatrice (who was Queen Victoria's youngest daughter) with their children Prince Alexander - who was born within a fortnight of Miss Blake - Princess Ena (Victoria Eugenie 1887 - 1969), Prince Leopold and baby Prince Morris. The interview is full of domestic detail and an insight into the life of the Victorian royal family from a perspective not recorded in the history books.
CD-SDL 290 CD-SDL 290
Bells of the Cotswolds

A ringing tour of some of the most beautiful Cotswold churches + historic recordings of Bristol bells.
CD-SDL 300 CD-SDL 300
While I Work I Whistle

Songs and Humour of the Cotswolds including Granny's Old Armchair, When I Took My Nance To Church, Johnny Ochre, Farmer Giles, To Be A Farmer's Boy, While I Work I Whistle, When Jones Ale Was New and plenty of old rural jokes and amusing anecdotes.
CD-SDL 301 CD-SDL 301
Down To Earth

Mrs. Elliot was the eldest girl of a family of sixteen. Her vivid descriptions of the life of a poor rural family in the late 19th century are both fascinating and revealing. This kind of reminiscence rarely makes it into the history books and the descriptions are made all the more poignant by Mrs Elliot's gentle delivery.
CD-SDL 304 CD-SDL 304
Gloucestershire Wildlife Tapestry

A web of day and night natural sounds through the seasons, from woodland, meadow and wetland. Recorded by Ray Goodwin
CD-SDL 316 CD-SDL 316
Forest Talk

A memorable evening of music, memories and laughter from the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire with Winifred Foley, Harry Beddington, Keith Morgan and Dick Brice
CD-SDL 330 CD-SDL 330
Music From Prinknash Abbey

Prinknash Abbey is set in the Cotswold hills near Gloucester and the monks sing contemplative traditional Latin Plainsong and uplifting modern English Chant.
CD-SDL 434 CD-SDL 434
Gloucestershire Characters

Recollections from the Forest of Dean, Severn Vale and high Cotswold
CD-SDL 435 CD-SDL 435
George Swinford of Filkins

George Swinford was about 75 years of age when recorded in 1962. His family had lived in Filkins for several generations and, like his father, he worked as a mason. His recollections are interesting not only as a social history document of rural life but also due to his unusual associations with famous men of the day. In 1925 he went to work as estate manager for Sir Stafford Krips whom he came to know well and through him frequently met and talked with prime movers in the early Labour Party.; ; Pandit Nehru also visited him at his house when staying in the Krips household. George Swinford was always intrigued by old artifacts dug up whilst doing building work and this culminated in Sir Stafford, who always took a close interest in his finds, buying a property for George Swinford to set up as a folk museum.
CD-SDL 389 CD-SDL 436
Pleasures and Treasures

The Music Includes world music, traditional British music, early classical music on original instruments, novelty numbers, jazz, music hall, musical boxes, guitar quartets, saxophone quartet, brass group, viol consorts, choral music and chant, handbells and church bells, poetry and readings - from mediaeval times to the present day. This double album forms part of Saydisc’s 50th Anniversary celebration releases and is drawn from recordings made over the years from mono open reel recording to high quality stereo digital.
CD-SDL 441 CD-SDL 441
South Moon Riding [Book & CD]

In addition to full printed texts and many beautiful photos, Gef Lucena reads his own poems on the included CD. These 32 poems on various subjects have been highly praised by other poets, musicians, artists, historians and, in particular, wildlife experts. ‘Inspirational’, ‘very accessible and evocative’, ‘delightful and beautifully produced’, ‘I am absolutely bowled over, it is such a delightful compilation’, ‘I `felt` every line, it is inspirational, the colours… well, everything that is written, beautiful. I cannot say more, It means so much inwardly’, ‘I've already been recommending it to friends’. These are just some of the comments received on pre-publication copies sold.
CD-SDL 444 CD-SDL 444
The Funny Side of Saydisc

This anthology of wit and humour has been drawn from Saydisc’s vast archives going back over 50 years. Here is nearly 80 minutes of a wide variety of humour from our catalogue created since 1965 and exploring material from Victorian times to the present day. We hope it provides amusement and even inspiration. It is a window into our vast array of musical and non-musical recordings from all corners of the world.