Category: Historic Clarinet

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  CD-SAR 10
Clarinet Collection
Alan Hacker, historic clarinets, Richard Burnett, fortepiano, harpsichord

Alan Hacker demonstrates the whole range and development of the clarinet from the ancient chalumeau, through baroque, classical and romantic instruments to the modern clarinet. He is ably assisted by Richard Burnett on organ, spinet, harpsichord and fortepianos.
  CD-SAR 17
Mozart Clarinet Quintets on original instruments
Alan Hacker, historic clarinet, basset horn, Salomon String Quartet, Lesley Schatzberger, basset horn

The Salomon String Quartet (historic strings) and Lesley Schatzberger (basset horn) join Alan Hacker in an authentic performance of Mozart's much loved Clarinet Quintet in A plus two lesser known clarinet quintet fragments in Bb and F.
  CD-SAR 37
Brahms Clarinet Trio and Sonatas
Alan Hacker, clarinets, JenniferWard Clarke, 'cello, Richard Burnett, pianoforte

  CD-SAR 38
Mendelssohn Works for Clarinet & Piano
Alan Hacker (clarinets), Lesley Schatzberger (basset horns), Richard Burnett (pianos)

  CD-SAR 71

Amon Ra is the classical division of Saydisc Records and is devoted to authentic performances on original instruments or copies. The unifying feature of all the music in this double album is its calm and tranquil nature. There is still enormous variety within this narrow framework in terms of period of music, instrumentation and style.
  CD-SDL 436
Pleasures and Treasures

The Music Includes world music, traditional British music, early classical music on original instruments, novelty numbers, jazz, music hall, musical boxes, guitar quartets, saxophone quartet, brass group, viol consorts, choral music and chant, handbells and church bells, poetry and readings - from mediaeval times to the present day. This double album forms part of Saydisc’s 50th Anniversary celebration releases and is drawn from recordings made over the years from mono open reel recording to high quality stereo digital.