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CD-SDL 117 CD-SDL 117
Pianola Jazz

Early piano jazz & ragtime played on 65 and 88 note pianola rolls from 1895 to the 1920s.
CD-SDL 132 CD-SDL 132
Pianola Ragtime

Early piano jazz and ragtime from 1895 to1916 recorded from the original pianola rolls. A fine historical document of this fascinating genre with titles such as Temptation Rag, Rag-time Skedaddle, Wabash Blues, The Grizzly Bear Rag, Bow-wow Blues, Smokey Mokes, Panama Rag.
CD-SDL 232 CD-SDL 232
Mechanical Music Hall

Instrumental versions of music hall favourites played on musical boxes, 'barrel organs', penny pianos and other Edwardian and Victorian automata
CD-SDL 234 CD-SDL 234
Parry's Barrel Organ

The music of "John Longman's New Invented Patent Barrel Organ" with bells, drum and triangle built around 1810 and which accompanied Sir William Edward Parry on his Arctic expeditions in the early 19th Century. Not only did it entertain the sailors but intrigued eskimos en route.
CD-SDL 271 CD-SDL 271
Pipes, Barrels and Pins

An extensive collection of mechanical musical instruments from small musical box to enormous fair ground organ. These were once the pride of the West Cornwall Museum of Mechanical Music that entertained holiday makers for many years
CD-SDL 303 CD-SDL 303
Sublime Harmonie of Victorian Musical Boxes

Favourite opera arias and popular tunes from the classics played on rare Victorian cylinder and disc musical boxes by Polyphon, Nicole Freres and other top quality makers.
CD-SDL 312 CD-SDL 312
The Gay 90s

Popular music from Victorian musical shows and other favourites of the 1890s played on dozens of Victorian disc musical boxes (with discs from 4" to 27") and a pianola. Favourite tunes from 'A Runaway Girl', 'Florodora', 'Belle of New York' , 'The Geisha', 'A Greek Slave' and 'San Toy'. Plus popular songs of the 1890s.
CD-SDL 327 CD-SDL 327
Enchanted Carols

"One of the most delightful & imaginative Christmas records I have ever come across" commented the record reviewer in the Oxford Times and we think this is a fair assessment of our biggest selling album. It is a veritable feast of Christmas music with Victorian musical boxes, handbells, church bells, barrel organs, street pianos, handbell choir and brass band. A kaleidoscope of sounds of the best known carol tunes intermingled with a few lesser known delights, plus the joyous pealing of the bells of St. Mary Redcliffe church in Bristol to start and end this celebration of Christmas.
CD-SDL 331 CD-SDL 331
A Victorian Sunday

Favourite Victorian hymns as recorded on mechanical pipe barrel organs, musical boxes and organettes
CD-SDL 340 CD-SDL 340
Music Of The Streets

Three centuries of mechanical street music from a wealth of "barrel organs" (street pianos), organettes & other popular street instruments of yesteryear.
CD-SDL 346 CD-SDL 346
The Three Disc Symphonion

A wide variety of rare Victorian musical boxes and especially featuring the amazing Three Disc Symphonion which played a complex musical arrangement spread over three musical box discs playing simultaneously. Includes such titles as Tuxedo Polka, Old Folks At Home, After the Ball, Monastery Bells, Cuckoo's Couplet, Carnival Of Venice, Bedouin Love Song, The Empire and the Tivoli, Vienna Hearts March, Gavotte D'Amour, Hail Smiling Morn, The Last Rose Of Summer and many more.
CD-SDL 354 CD-SDL 354
Mechanical Opera

Opera favourites played on rare and historic musical boxes
CD-SDL 355 CD-SDL 355
Kitten On the Keys

An excursion into the nostalgic world of the front room pianola. Pianola Rolls of favourite dance tunes and songs of the 1920s from the original rolls of the day.
CD-SDL 359 CD-SDL 359
Musical Box Dances

Victorian dances played on nine antique disc musical boxes, eight cylinder musical boxes, two pipe barrel organs and a disc piano. A selection of 46 historic renditions of waltzes, polkas, gavottes, galops with the occasional couplet, scottische, minuet, quadrille & hornpipe.
CD-SDL 408 CD-SDL 408
Victorian Musical Boxes

Musical boxes, musical Victorian toys & snuff boxes play dozens of charming Victorian favourites.
CD-SDL 389 CD-SDL 436
Pleasures and Treasures

The Music Includes world music, traditional British music, early classical music on original instruments, novelty numbers, jazz, music hall, musical boxes, guitar quartets, saxophone quartet, brass group, viol consorts, choral music and chant, handbells and church bells, poetry and readings - from mediaeval times to the present day. This double album forms part of Saydisc’s 50th Anniversary celebration releases and is drawn from recordings made over the years from mono open reel recording to high quality stereo digital.