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CD-SDL 232 CD-SDL 232
Mechanical Music Hall

Instrumental versions of music hall favourites played on musical boxes, 'barrel organs', penny pianos and other Edwardian and Victorian automata
CD-SDL 380 CD-SDL 380
The Golden Years Of Music Hall

Favourite songs sung by the original artists.
CD-SDL 413 CD-SDL 413
Cockney Kings of Music Hall

The major stars of the London Music Hall stage from 1899 to 1931 from the original recordings.
CD-SDL 444 CD-SDL 444
The Funny Side of Saydisc

This anthology of wit and humour has been drawn from Saydisc’s vast archives going back over 50 years. Here is nearly 80 minutes of a wide variety of humour from our catalogue created since 1965 and exploring material from Victorian times to the present day. We hope it provides amusement and even inspiration. It is a window into our vast array of musical and non-musical recordings from all corners of the world.