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CD-SDL 220 CD-SDL 220
Great Western In Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire was well placed on the Great Western Railway map, being interlaced with branch and main lines. These recordings are of the last days of mainline steam operation and include recordings on the old Severn and Wye section in the Forest of Dean, The Chalford railcar and many other atmospheric and historic recordings.
CD-SDL 221 CD-SDL 221
Too Much Mustard

This album presents ragtime as it was played by sophisticated professional musicians during the second decade of the twentieth-century, as distinct from the pianists from Missouri and Texas who were the founding-fathers of the form.; James Reese Europe was the first outstanding negro bandleader in the US forming in 1910 the Clef Club Orchestra, then Europe's Society Orchestra and soon after the entry of the United States into the first World War on April 6,1917, Lt. Europe was called on to form "the best brass band in the U.S. Army." This, known as the “Hell-Fighters”, was drawn from the 369th infantry Division,and saw active service in France during 1918. After the war, in February, 1919, the band returned to America and was a feature of the Victory Parade that welcomed home President Woodrow Wilson, the first American President to journey overseas.; Arthur Pryor was born in Missouri in 1873. He studied music as a lad, and became so proficient a trombonist that he secured a position as principal in the famous concert band conducted by the great John Philip Sousa. Before he was twenty-five Pryor was appointed assistant director of the band and indeed all its records which date back at their earliest to 1896-were made under his rather than Sousa's direction.
CD-SDL 232 CD-SDL 232
Mechanical Music Hall

Instrumental versions of music hall favourites played on musical boxes, 'barrel organs', penny pianos and other Edwardian and Victorian automata
CD-SDL 247 CD-SDL 247
Cotswold Craftsmen

Recollections of traditional country crafts by some of the last exponents. An important social document of the trades and crafts that once formed a central role in rural life.
CD-SDL 267 CD-SDL 267
Cotswold Voices

This album features the dialect of the Gloucestershire Cotswolds with recollections, poetry and humour connected with days long past. The real stars are George and Dorcas Juggins who were 'famous' in the Stroud valleys and remembered by many people for their unique slant on life.
CD-SDL 271 CD-SDL 271
Pipes, Barrels and Pins

An extensive collection of mechanical musical instruments from small musical box to enormous fair ground organ. These were once the pride of the West Cornwall Museum of Mechanical Music that entertained holiday makers for many years
CD-SDL 284 CD-SDL 284
Steam and Harness

Recollections of past methods of power and transport on the Cotswolds
CD-SDL 303 CD-SDL 303
Sublime Harmonie of Victorian Musical Boxes

Favourite opera arias and popular tunes from the classics played on rare Victorian cylinder and disc musical boxes by Polyphon, Nicole Freres and other top quality makers.
CD-SDL 312 CD-SDL 312
The Gay 90s

Popular music from Victorian musical shows and other favourites of the 1890s played on dozens of Victorian disc musical boxes (with discs from 4" to 27") and a pianola. Favourite tunes from 'A Runaway Girl', 'Florodora', 'Belle of New York' , 'The Geisha', 'A Greek Slave' and 'San Toy'. Plus popular songs of the 1890s.
CD-SDL 316 CD-SDL 316
Forest Talk

A memorable evening of music, memories and laughter from the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire with Winifred Foley, Harry Beddington, Keith Morgan and Dick Brice
CD-SDL 331 CD-SDL 331
A Victorian Sunday

Favourite Victorian hymns as recorded on mechanical pipe barrel organs, musical boxes and organettes
CD-SDL 334 CD-SDL 334
Cylinder Jazz

Another album in our Jazz series of transcriptions from early recordings, this time from phonograph cylinders. Hot ragtime and jazz from 1913-1926 with fourteen tracks including Hungarian Rag, Clarinet Squawk, Dardanella, Meadow Lark, Where's My Sweetie Hiding? Ain't She Sweet?
CD-SDL 336 CD-SDL 336
I'll Dance Till de Sun Breaks Through

A further re-release in our Jazz series and features ragtime, cakewalks & stomps from the original recordings 1898-1923. Twenty tracks including That Moaning Saxophone Rag, Alabama Skedaddle, Eli Green's Cake Walk, Trombone Sneeze, Wild Cherries Rag.
CD-SDL 344 CD-SDL 344
The Roaring Twenties

Top bands and singers of the 1920s from the original recordings plus pianola rolls.
CD-SDL 346 CD-SDL 346
The Three Disc Symphonion

A wide variety of rare Victorian musical boxes and especially featuring the amazing Three Disc Symphonion which played a complex musical arrangement spread over three musical box discs playing simultaneously. Includes such titles as Tuxedo Polka, Old Folks At Home, After the Ball, Monastery Bells, Cuckoo's Couplet, Carnival Of Venice, Bedouin Love Song, The Empire and the Tivoli, Vienna Hearts March, Gavotte D'Amour, Hail Smiling Morn, The Last Rose Of Summer and many more.
CD-SDL 350 CD-SDL 350
The Wibbly Wobbly Walk

Novelty numbers from the original phonograph cylinders and 78s.
CD-SDL 353 CD-SDL 353
Fleur du Jura
Danielle Pauly, Crucianelli and Maugein accordions

Atmospheric French cafe-style accordion music with top player from the Jura region, Danielle Pauly playing Crucianelli and Maugein accordions with small cafe band accompaniment.
CD-SDL 355 CD-SDL 355
Kitten On the Keys

An excursion into the nostalgic world of the front room pianola. Pianola Rolls of favourite dance tunes and songs of the 1920s from the original rolls of the day.
CD-SDL 358 CD-SDL 358
Keep The Home Fires Burning

The songs and music of the First World War from the original 78 rpm recordings and street pianos ('barrel organs') of the day.
CD-SDL 370 CD-SDL 370
Whistle Away Your Blues
Popular dance bands and singers of the 1920s from the original recordings
CD-SDL 380 CD-SDL 380
The Golden Years Of Music Hall
Favourite songs sung by the original artists.
CD-SDL 392 CD-SDL 392
The Theatre Organ
Ronald Curtis & Laurence James play a nostalgic selection on two historic Wurlitzer and Compton theatre organs (cinema organs)
CD-SDL 413 CD-SDL 413
Cockney Kings of Music Hall
The major stars of the London Music Hall stage from 1899 to 1931 from the original recordings.
CD-SDL 433 CD-SDL 433
Rag Pickings
Fred Van Eps, Olly Oakley etc.

Recordings of banjo solos were tremendously popular both sides of the Atlantic prior to 1900 up to the 1930s. The sophisticated picking style had developed from the earlier strumming ('stroke') style associated with the blackface minstrels who performed in minstrel shows from the mid 19th century. Both the minstrels and their more sophisticated successors were whites and the earlier playing method grew out of the style believed to be close to that of the black slaves. The picking style requires the player to pick the strings with thumb and first two fingers of the right hand and great virtuosity was obtained by a number of players whose recordings proved very popular amongst white middle-class society in both USA and Britain. We feature three of these banjo greats here - two American and one English - with a couple of outstanding tracks by others.
CD-SDL 444 CD-SDL 444
The Funny Side of Saydisc
This anthology of wit and humour has been drawn from Saydisc’s vast archives going back over 50 years. Here is nearly 80 minutes of a wide variety of humour from our catalogue created since 1965 and exploring material from Victorian times to the present day. We hope it provides amusement and even inspiration. It is a window into our vast array of musical and non-musical recordings from all corners of the world.
CD-SDL 445
Victoriana - Music, Verse & Recollections from the Time of Queen Victoria
Music, Verse and recollections from the time of Queen Victoria from Kenneth Williams, Miss Dorothy Blake's personal account of life with the Queen at Osborne House, The Broadside Band, Richard Burnett and many more with a detailed 32 page booklet with numerous quotations from Queen Victoria's journals, Mendelssohn letter and other historical background information.
CD-SDL 448
The Beauty of Bells
Church Bells, Handbells, Carillons from England & Scotland