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CD-SDL 338 CD-SDL 338
Children's Singing Games

A wealth of skipping, ball-bouncing, dipping, line and ring games from England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales recorded by Fr Damian Webb in the 1960s whilst the traditions continued in play-ground and street. Dozens of intriguing examples.
CD-SDL 341 CD-SDL 341
Carillons Of Scotland
CD-SDL 348 CD-SDL 348
The Lilting Banshee
Eileen Monger, Celtic Harp, Mike Billinge, Bodhran, Jenny McLeod, Uilleann Pipes, Whistles, George Monger, Hammer Dulcimer

A captivating selection of traditional airs and dances for Celtic Harp with Bodhran, Uilleann Pipes, Whistles and Hammer Dulcimer.
CD-SDL 372 CD-SDL 372
Farewell To Lough Neaghe
Bonnie Shaljean, harp and clarsachs

Traditional harp music of Britain & Ireland from Bonnie Shaljean
CD-SDL 391 CD-SDL 391
Traditional Songs Of Scotland

A rare chance to hear this great lady of traditional Scots song accompanied by some of the top names of British folk music on bagpipes, fiddle, accordion family and guitar
CD-SDL 407 CD-SDL 407
Songs of the Travelling People

Romany songs, step-dancing, camp-fire, bothy singers , mouth music and a wealth of songs from the gypsy traditions of England, Ireland & Scotland - full texts and glossary.
CD-SDL 416 CD-SDL 416
Bagpipes of Britain & Ireland

Classic recordings made by folklorist Peter Kennedy in the 1950s/early 60s of legendary players of the three types of British and Irish pipes with an unbroken tradition.
CD-SDL 417
A Celtic Christmas

Song and dance, both exuberant and reflective, to celebrate Christmas from the Celtic traditions of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man, Britanny and Cornwall with the typical harps, bagpipes and other instruments of each area. Most of the songs are in the original gaelic tongues (with translations in the notes). The singers include Colin MacAllister (Ireland), Arthur Cormack (Scotland), Emma Christian (Isle of Man), Julie Murphy (Wales) and Dave Townsend.
CD-SDL 429
Carillon Bells of Britain

England is world famous for its tower bell change ringing and handbell tune ringing traditions, but the art of carillon music properly belongs to the Low Countries. Britain only has a handfull of true carillons and this album features five of them plus some chimes from historic domestic clocks and the famous "Oranges & Lemons" from St. Clements in London. A wide spectrum of music is played from the carillons of Loughborough, Bournville, Aberdeen, Perth and Kilmarnock to demonstrate this fascinating but little heard tradition.
CD-SDL 430 CD-SDL 430
The Celtic Harp
Robin Huw Bowen, Bonnie Shaljean, Eileen Monger

Ancient airs and dances from the Celtic traditions of Scotland, Ireland and Wales played on Welsh triple harp, clarsach (Celtic harp), and pedal harp in solos and ensembles.
CD-SDL 389 CD-SDL 436
Pleasures and Treasures

The Music Includes world music, traditional British music, early classical music on original instruments, novelty numbers, jazz, music hall, musical boxes, guitar quartets, saxophone quartet, brass group, viol consorts, choral music and chant, handbells and church bells, poetry and readings - from mediaeval times to the present day. This double album forms part of Saydisc’s 50th Anniversary celebration releases and is drawn from recordings made over the years from mono open reel recording to high quality stereo digital.
SDL 439 CD-SDL 439
For Love Is Lord Of All

As part of Saydisc’s 50th Anniversary celebration releases Gef Lucena sings songs of true love, false love, supernatural love, deceitful love and vengeful love from British and other traditions. Gef is the founder of Saydisc and has been a performer of traditional music since the early 1960s. However, amazingly this is his first solo album and he accompanies himself on bouzouki, mandolin, autoharp, recorder and flageolet. In addition to traditional British songs Gef showcases three of his own settings of poetry by Edward Thomas and A.E. Houseman and has adapted a couple of well-known Schubert songs. Songs in Italian, Ladino and Hebrew are also included as well as settings by Butterworth and Finzi.
CD-SDL 448
The Beauty of Bells
Church Bells, Handbells, Carillons from England & Scotland
CD-SDL 449
Traditional Dance Music of Britain & Ireland
This is a collection of exceedingly diverse recordings all, as the title says, of tunes for dancing, and all from the Saydisc archives. There is a total of 51 tracks on the two CDs that comprise the collection which is drawn from the playing of some 15 musicians and bands. There are notes on each of the performers. Hardly any tracks are of a length to actually dance to – but that is not the point!
CD-SDL 450
Traditional Songs of Britain & Ireland
Traditional Songs of Britain and Ireland brings beautiful and lyrical songs moulded to the poetic nature of the Welsh language, wonderful Irish song with such classic performers as the McPeake family and a rare chance to hear the great lady of traditional Scots song Ray Fisher accompanied by some of the top names of British folk music.