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John Playford's Popular Tunes
The Broadside Band

The Broadside Band play popular tunes and dances from John Playford's famous 17th century publications with recorders, regal, baroque violin, viols, hurdy-gurdy, lute, mandore and cittern.
CD-SDL 115 CD-SDL 115
The One Eyed Fiddler
Ben Van Weede, fiddle, viola, whistles, Paul Wilson, voice, fiddle, Appalachian dulcimer, banjo, guitar, accordion

Paul Wilson and Ben van Weede perform folk songs and music of Southern England. Including items from the Hammond and Gardiner collection and the tune-books of Thomas Hardy Folk songs and music of Southern England Including items from the Hammond and Gardiner collection and the tune-books of Thomas Hardy.
CD-SDL 335 CD-SDL 335
Music For the Hammered Dulcimer

Virtuoso hammered dulcimer playing from Jim Couza with celtic harp, fiddle, melodeon.
CD-SDL 343 CD-SDL 343
On Kielder Side
Northumbrian small pipes and fiddle

Kathryn Tickell plays the Northumbrian small-pipes (the traditional northern English bagpipe) and fiddle. Jigs, reels and airs from one of the finest small-pipe players in the country.
CD-SDL 345 CD-SDL 345
The Perfect Triangle
Richard Butler, Northumbrian small pipes

CD-SDL 348 CD-SDL 348
The Lilting Banshee
Eileen Monger, Celtic Harp, Mike Billinge, Bodhran, Jenny McLeod, Uilleann Pipes, Whistles, George Monger, Hammer Dulcimer

A captivating selection of traditional airs and dances for Celtic Harp with Bodhran, Uilleann Pipes, Whistles and Hammer Dulcimer.
CD-SDL 351 CD-SDL 351
Portrait Of A Concertina
Dave Townsend, English Concertina, Nick Hooper, Guitar

The concertina is a very versatile instrument and virtuoso English concertina player Dave Townsend is joined on a number of tracks by Spanish guitarist Nick Hooper in a selection from Bach to 'standards' as well as a good measure of folk tunes that would be the concertina's usual fare.
CD-SDL 360 CD-SDL 360
Under The Greenwood Tree
The Mellstock Band and Choir

The Mellstock Band and Choir perform the dance music and carols associated with Thomas Hardy , his family and his novels from Hardy family and Puddletown manuscripts. A rare chance to hear the serpent and the high C clarinet both so typical and evocative of 19th C English village 'quires' and now totally obsolete except in recreations such as these.
CD-SDL 364 CD-SDL 364
Music From The Time Of Richard III
The York Waits

The York Waits recreate the sound of the more public, outdoor music of mediaeval times with their ensemble of ancient cornett, shawms, crumhorns, hurdy-gurdy, sackbut, bagpipes, recorders, lute, slide trumpet and harp. Spirited instrumental performances of the popular music of mediaeval England, the Low Countries, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
CD-SDL 372 CD-SDL 372
Farewell To Lough Neaghe
Bonnie Shaljean, harp and clarsachs

Traditional harp music of Britain & Ireland from Bonnie Shaljean
CD-SDL 373 CD-SDL 373
Music From The Time Of The Spanish Armada
The York Waits

The York Waits present a celebration of Elizabethan popular music including pieces associated with the Armada.
CD-SDL 374 CD-SDL 374
Music Of The Hurdy-Gurdy
Nigel Eaton, hurdy-gurdy

Britain's top player, Nigel Eaton, with harpsichord, bagpipes, etc. Classical, traditional and modern pieces for this fascinating instrument.
CD-SDL 393 CD-SDL 393
English Country Dances
The Broadside Band

The Broadside Band recreate the excitement and colour of the country dance of yesteryear with spirited performances of these quintessentially English tunes gleaned from the 17th century publications of John Playford. Suitable for listening or dancing Playford style.
CD-SDL 407 CD-SDL 407
Songs of the Travelling People

Romany songs, step-dancing, camp-fire, bothy singers , mouth music and a wealth of songs from the gypsy traditions of England, Ireland & Scotland - full texts and glossary.
CD-SDL 409 CD-SDL 409
Songs & Dances from Shakespeare
Deborah Roberts, soprano, John Potter, tenor

Well-known early music singers Deborah Roberts (soprano) & John Potter (tenor) sing the original or earliest known versions of the songs associated with Shakespeare's plays. The Broadside Band accompany them on instruments of the period and play some of the dances of the plays. Fascinating listening as well as an ideal historical source for stage productions.
CD-SDL 410 CD-SDL 410
Songs of Thomas Hardy's Wessex
The Mellstock Band and Singers

What were the songs so often mentioned in Hardy's novels? The Mellstock Band and Singers reveal all with these evocative songs.
CD-SDL 412 CD-SDL 412
Harp Music of Wales (Cerddoriaeth Telyn Cymru)

The glorious sound of the Welsh triple harp in the hands of Robin Huw Bowen, the world's leading exponent. Where beautiful slow airs are contrasted with lively dances.
CD-SDL 416 CD-SDL 416
Bagpipes of Britain & Ireland

Classic recordings made by folklorist Peter Kennedy in the 1950s/early 60s of legendary players of the three types of British and Irish pipes with an unbroken tradition.
CD-SDL 417 CD-SDL 417
A Celtic Christmas

Song and dance, both exuberant and reflective, to celebrate Christmas from the Celtic traditions of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man, Britanny and Cornwall with the typical harps, bagpipes and other instruments of each area. Most of the songs are in the original gaelic tongues (with translations in the notes). The singers include Colin MacAllister (Ireland), Arthur Cormack (Scotland), Emma Christian (Isle of Man), Julie Murphy (Wales) and Dave Townsend.
CD-SDL 420 CD-SDL 420
Traditional Dance Music of Ireland

Some of Ireland's finest fiddle and accordion players are featured on this album of historic solo and ceilidh band tracks. Recorded by Peter Kennedy in the 1960s.
CD-SDL 425 CD-SDL 425
English Customs and Traditions

Many of these customs go back to the dawn of time and their meaning is often mysterious but somehow are as relevant today and attract a great deal of interest
CD-SDL 426 CD-SDL 426
Traditional Songs & Dances of Sardinia

Sardinia has a rich variety of traditional music and this album includes some of the marvellous natural harmony singing by children, plus folk songs and country dances, as well as a rare chance to hear the launedda - a double pipe instrument unique to Sardinia. It was beautifully recorded by Fr Damian Webb in 1962 when the villages he visited had very little contact with the wider world. Tracks include pastoral sounds, male quartet, children of Nuoro and Lotzorai, Nuoro folk dance group with accordion, Dorgali folk song group, Folk dance music on launedda and jew's harp.
CD-SDL 430 CD-SDL 430
The Celtic Harp
Robin Huw Bowen, Bonnie Shaljean, Eileen Monger

Ancient airs and dances from the Celtic traditions of Scotland, Ireland and Wales played on Welsh triple harp, clarsach (Celtic harp), and pedal harp in solos and ensembles.
CD-SDL 431 CD-SDL 431
Cry You Mountains, Cry You Fields

A wide selection of rarely heard traditional songs & instrumental music from S.E. Albania
CD-SDL 432 CD-SDL 432
Hardanger Fiddle Music of Norway
Knut Buen, Hardanger Fiddle

One of the most exciting musics of Scandinavia is the sound of the Hardanger Fiddle with its own tradition of searing counterpoint and micro-tonal tunings. The Buen family have, for generations, been acknowledged as the finest exponents of the art and, in particular, Knut Buen is considered as being the world's best as was recently confirmed by the highest honour being conferred on him by the King of Norway. This album contains 23 tracks all played by Knut and which explore the various composition and performance styles of Hardanger Fiddle playing. The Fiddle's additional sympathetic strings (like a sitar) add resonance to the swirling melodies and rhythmic drones of the compositions and, with the micro-tonal notes, make this traditional Scandinavian music sound more Eastern than would be expected. Not an album to meditate to!!
CD-SDL 389 CD-SDL 436
Pleasures and Treasures

The Music Includes world music, traditional British music, early classical music on original instruments, novelty numbers, jazz, music hall, musical boxes, guitar quartets, saxophone quartet, brass group, viol consorts, choral music and chant, handbells and church bells, poetry and readings - from mediaeval times to the present day. This double album forms part of Saydisc’s 50th Anniversary celebration releases and is drawn from recordings made over the years from mono open reel recording to high quality stereo digital.
CD-SDL 438 CD-SDL 438
Percussion Around The World

Over 150 minutes of exuberant and exciting percussion music from Africa, India, Japan, Morocco, Middle East, South America, Mexico, Caribbean, Britain, Ireland, Spain, France, China, Polynesia, Melanesia, Micronesia, Indonesia. Saydisc has been at the forefront of recording for posterity a host of unusual, historic and traditional musics, speech and sounds since 1965 and have built up a worldwide reputation for innovation, dedication and quality. The music categories included in our saydisc range include national, traditional and regional music and songs, music, songs and dances from other traditions, music featuring unusual instruments and world music.
CD-SDL 440 CD-SDL 440
Worlds Away

Chants, Songs, Rituals & Instrumentals From 33 Countries & Island Communities including Sudan, Egypt, Morocco, Tuva, Kurdistan, Mongolia, France, Spain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Sardinia, Norway, Germany, Albania, Japan, Rajasthan, China, Tibet, North India, Arabia, Israel, Brazil, Andes, Tonga, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Rapa Iti, Tuvalu, New Zealand, Easter Island, Chuuk, Tahiti, Bora Bora.
CD-SDL 446
Harps, Dulcimers & Hurdy Gurdies
Harps, Dulcimers & Hurdy Gurdies from Great Britain, Ireland, North America, China, Middle East, France, Italy and the Low Countries
CD-SDL 447
Exotic and Strange Music and Sounds from many Cultures and Island Communities
CD-SDL 449
Traditional Dance Music of Britain & Ireland
This is a collection of exceedingly diverse recordings all, as the title says, of tunes for dancing, and all from the Saydisc archives. There is a total of 51 tracks on the two CDs that comprise the collection which is drawn from the playing of some 15 musicians and bands. There are notes on each of the performers. Hardly any tracks are of a length to actually dance to – but that is not the point!
CD-SDL 450
Traditional Songs of Britain & Ireland
Traditional Songs of Britain and Ireland brings beautiful and lyrical songs moulded to the poetic nature of the Welsh language, wonderful Irish song with such classic performers as the McPeake family and a rare chance to hear the great lady of traditional Scots song Ray Fisher accompanied by some of the top names of British folk music.