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  CD-SAR 24
Josquin des Prez / Pierre de la Rue
The New London Chamber Choir

Outstanding Flemish polyphonic choral works performed by The New London Chamber Choir. The rich and dark beauty of the Missa Pro Defunctis (Pierre de la Rue), contrasts with the complex and daring polyphony of Josquin's Hercules Mass and the introspective Deploration de Johannes Ockeghem.
  CD-SAR 46
Elizabethan Christmas Anthems
Red Byrd with The Rose Consort Of Viols

Beautiful Elizabethan anthems performed by the seven early music vocalists of Red Byrd (using pronunciation of the period) interspersed with famous pieces for viol consort. The performances aim to recreate the sound world of the Elizabethan age and bring a breath of fresh air to this rich and inspiring music.
  CD-SAR 49
Philippe de Vitry & the Ars Nova
The Orlando Consort

The Orlando Consort specialise in early vocal techniques & perform here 14th century music that is full of rhythmic, melodic & harmonic delights.
  CD-SAR 56
The Brightest Heaven of Invention
New London Chamber Choir

Polyphonic ingenuity reached its height in these 15th century Flemish choral works. The music not only achieves the greatest technical mastery but is also of great beauty
  CD-SAR 58
The Secret Music of Luzzasco Luzzaschi
Musica Secreta

Some of the most florid and virtuosic music for voices ever written; commissioned by Alfonso II, Duke of Ferrara in 1601 for his private trio of the most eminent sopranos of the day to perform to a select few in the inner sanctum of the ducal palace. Renowned early music singers Musica Secreta now reveal the beauties of this music and give masterly performances of this exciting secret music of the 'Ladies of Ferrara'.
  CD-SAR 59
Worcester Fragments
The Orlando Consort

  CD-SAR 61
Barbara Strozzi - La virtuosissima cantatrice
Musica Secreta, Deborah Roberts (DR) soprano, Suzie le Blanc (SLB) soprano, Mary Nichols (MN) alto, Kasia Elsner (KE) theorbo by Klaus Jokobsen, 1991, after Tieffenbrucker, John Toll (JT) harpsichord by Ransom, London, 1990, after 17th C Italian models

The extravagant and dramatic vocal music of 17th century Italian singer and composer Barbara Strozzi is an ideal vehicle for the talents of the virtuoso early music singers who make up Musica Secreta. A rare chance to hear an all-woman vocal group singing the music of a female Renaissance composer.
  CD-SAR 62
A Golden Treasury of Elizabethan Music

Features the typical instruments, composers and styles that were current in Elizabethan England. Dances (both courtly and rustic), songs, anthems, viol consorts, recorder consorts, lute solos and music for virginals, shawms, cornetts, curtals, etc. The album is a compilation drawn from our catalogue and serves as an excellent introduction to the fine music of this period.
  CD-SAR 63
A Golden Treasury of Mediæval Music
Sine Nomine Ensemble for Medieval Music

The Canadian ensemble for mediæval music Sine Nomine present an overview of music from six centuries and eleven countries throughout Europe. This daunting task has revealed some treasures indeed! The music ranges vocally from pious Gregorian chant to troubadour love songs and instrumentally with dances from the courtly Italian saltarello to a wild English estampie.
  CD-SAR 65
A Golden Treasury of Renaissance Music

A grand tour of the finest Renaissance music of England, Italy, Germany, France, the Low Countries and Spain performed by leading early music groups and musicians. The album is a compilation drawn from our catalogue and serves as an excellent introduction to the fine music of this period.
  CD-SAR 72 
La Virtuosissima Cantatrice

Virtuoso and Bel Canto Masterpieces for Female Voice
  CD-SDL 327
Enchanted Carols

"One of the most delightful & imaginative Christmas records I have ever come across" commented the record reviewer in the Oxford Times and we think this is a fair assessment of our biggest selling album. It is a veritable feast of Christmas music with Victorian musical boxes, handbells, church bells, barrel organs, street pianos, handbell choir and brass band. A kaleidoscope of sounds of the best known carol tunes intermingled with a few lesser known delights, plus the joyous pealing of the bells of St. Mary Redcliffe church in Bristol to start and end this celebration of Christmas.
  CD-SDL 330
Music From Prinknash Abbey

Prinknash Abbey is set in the Cotswold hills near Gloucester and the monks sing contemplative traditional Latin Plainsong and uplifting modern English Chant.
  CD-SDL 352
Geoffrey Bush - A Christmas Cantata
Cardiff Polyphonic Choir and Orchestra

The highly regarded Cardiff Polyphonic Choir and Orchestra perform the first commercial recording of Geoffrey Bush's beautiful work "A Christmas Cantata". This popular work features well-known carols in a setting for choir with string orchestra and oboe obbligato. Additional Christmas music concludes the album.
  CD-SDL 356
Music From St. Clement Danes
The St. Clement Danes Chorale, Martindale Sidwell, organ, John Wilbraham, trumpet

The beautiful church of St. Clement Danes in the Strand is the central church of The Royal Air Force. They have a long tradition of high quality music making as demonstrated by this album of choral music.
  CD-SDL 360
Under The Greenwood Tree
The Mellstock Band and Choir

The Mellstock Band and Choir perform the dance music and carols associated with Thomas Hardy , his family and his novels from Hardy family and Puddletown manuscripts. A rare chance to hear the serpent and the high C clarinet both so typical and evocative of 19th C English village 'quires' and now totally obsolete except in recreations such as these.
  CD-SDL 361
Fill Your Glasses
The Canterbury Clerkes with The London Serpent Trio

Convivial English Glees from the Singing Club tradition of the 18th and 19th centuries from The Canterbury Clerkes with The London Serpent Trio.
  CD-SDL 369
Christmas Chant
The Monks of Prinknash Abbey, The Nuns of Stanbrook Abbey

The monks of Prinknash and the nuns of Stanbrook abbeys sing excerpts from the dawn and midnight masses and other traditional Latin plainsong for the season of Christmas. The large, warm acoustic of Stanbrook Abbey chapel is perfect to enable this lovely devotional music to flower. Full texts in Latin and English are supplied.
  CD-SDL 422
Compline and Other Chant
The Monks of Prinknash, The Nuns of Stanbrook

The complete Divine Office of Compline in both Latin (monks of Prinknash) and English (nuns of Stanbrook) recorded at Stanbrook Abbey plus serene and joyous Latin plainchant and English chant sung by the monks of Prinknash recorded in the Chapter House of Gloucester Cathedral.
  CD-SDL 423
Chant and Psalms
The Monks of Prinknash, The Nuns of Stanbrook

The combined forces of the monks of Prinknash and the nuns of Stanbrook sing Latin and English chants and psalms in an inspirational and serene selection.
  CD-SDL 431
Cry You Mountains, Cry You Fields

A wide selection of rarely heard traditional songs & instrumental music from S.E. Albania
  CD-SDL 436
Pleasures and Treasures

The Music Includes world music, traditional British music, early classical music on original instruments, novelty numbers, jazz, music hall, musical boxes, guitar quartets, saxophone quartet, brass group, viol consorts, choral music and chant, handbells and church bells, poetry and readings - from mediaeval times to the present day. This double album forms part of Saydisc’s 50th Anniversary celebration releases and is drawn from recordings made over the years from mono open reel recording to high quality stereo digital.
  CD-SDL 440
Worlds Away

Chants, Songs, Rituals & Instrumentals From 33 Countries & Island Communities including Sudan, Egypt, Morocco, Tuva, Kurdistan, Mongolia, France, Spain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Sardinia, Norway, Germany, Albania, Japan, Rajasthan, China, Tibet, North India, Arabia, Israel, Brazil, Andes, Tonga, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Rapa Iti, Tuvalu, New Zealand, Easter Island, Chuuk, Tahiti, Bora Bora.
  CD-SDL 442
Awake & Join the Cheerful Choir

MADDY PRIOR and THE CARNIVAL BAND Gallery hymns from the 18th and early 19th centuries and some early folk carols. THE MELLSTOCK BAND & CHOIR perform music from the Hardy family and Puddletown Church manuscripts using authentic instruments as they would have been performed by a village band in Hardy’s Wessex.